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    JMS queues started on both nodes in a cluster after temporar

    Ian Kennedy Newbie


      I'm currently developing a system which uses JMS queuing for async processing of messages. I'm looking at deploying to a cluster of two JBoss 3.2.3 servers to provide some level of fail-over/resilience.

      During testing of the JMS fail-over I've tried killing one of the JBoss instances (the one running the JMS server) and see that the JMS queues are migrated to the other node. But when I tried to simulate a temporary loss of network connectivity between the two machines (by removing one of the network cables and then replacing it) the cluster seems to break and both machines start to run the JMS queues.

      When the network cable is reconnected, neither node appear to know that there is another node in the same partition. Effectively the cluster is not re-established. The only way to make the two nodes see each other again is to restart one of the nodes. Is there something that I have miss-configured/not configured, I am new to clustering and would appreciate some advice. - I am currently testing on two windows machines but intend to deploy to Linux boxes.