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    Cluster from mounted drive!??

    tsagovic Newbie

      Hello people,
      I want to have a JBoss cluster, and when I start JBoss (via SSH) from different Boxes, I sometimes get strange behaviour (most likely) due to the fact whenever I log in to a machine I get my drive loaded (so I started different instances from the same dir, since I don't have JBoss installed/copied in each computer and have no rights to do so:-(.
      I have tried to have different copies of that dir, and everything seems to be fine (seems).
      My question is that what (apart from logging) could go wrong when the same dir is accessed by different instances of JBoss (running on dif. phisical machines)?
      - Having different copies (one copy of the JBoss Directory for each instance) will hopefully solve this problem, but could there be other problems, like the mounted drive access might be a bottleneck for the cluster.?
      Please give me advice!
      (PS: Am I required to have JBoss on the physical drive of eacch node in the cluster?)
      Thanks a lots