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    Apache2,mod_jk2,jboss3.2.3/Tomcat41 - ONLY sticky session lo

    darren hartford Expert

      Hey all,
      After going through all the posts, I'm still a little hazy on why I still can not setup simple load-balancing WITH sticky sessions based on the environment above (and also referenced the pay-for Clustering doc).

      1. Is there a sticky_session or stickySession flag for mod_jk2 in the workers2.properties file?

      2. Is it required to change the TomcatSAR jboss-service.xml to add in a jvmRoute to the following default fragment: { }?

      3. What else may be missing? This looks trivial as a lot of people have put in some good work to make it so, but must be something I'm missing somewhere as the 'sticky session' just is not working.

      (1) Apache2.0 w/mod_jk2
      (2) Jboss3.2.3 Default w/standard embedded tomcat41