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    Looks like stupid question about load-balancing

    Xavier Chatelain Newbie

      I've read JBossClustering.pdf and parsed the forum, but my question is still unresolved.
      It seems I've got clustering and farming working well:
      I manage to see the list of nodes in my cluster and I've got my application deployed in all nodes when I put it in the farm directory of one node.
      So I've got two nodes in my cluster: node1 and node2 (on separate machines).
      I don't use hardware or software balancer out of my cluster, as it seems JBoss includes mod_jk.
      My question is: what URL I access? http://node1:8080/myapp or http://node2:8080/myapp ?
      If I access http://node1:8080/myapp, it seems all work is done in node1.
      If I access http://node2:8080/myapp, it seems all work is done in node2.