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    farm-service.xml Question

    Ron Emrick Newbie


      I'm using JBoss 3.2.3. I'm currently in the middle of setting up clustering and have a question that's related to the farm-service.xml file.

      I notice that in the server/all/deploy folder that there exists a deploy.last folder which contains farm-service.xml. Reading the docs it tells me place a farm-service.xml file in the server/all/deploy folder.

      So... my question is "which is it?". Do I keep the file in the deploy.last folder or moce it to server/all/deploy?


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          nandkumar Newbie


          I am also in the process of settingup of cluster and used farm-service.xml which is available in deploy/deploy.last. it seems to create farm directory.
          on node1.

          I have similar configuration on node2 too.

          when i start node1 and node2 on both machine we were able start farming service on both and whatever was placed in the farm directory of node1 is getting replicated on node2.