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    LoadBalancer  Problem

    roberto roberto Novice

      I'm trying to ue the loadbalancer, but maybe i haven't understand well what this done or works.

      I have 2 clusters jboss server (NODE1 and NODE2).
      I wanna a load balance to switch automaticaly between this 2 node when one of this is not available.

      So i have installare a new jboss server (LB) deploying LoadBalancer.sar

      NODE1 and NODE2 are Jboss 323 with configuration named "ALL" and my own deploy and use Tomcat 4.x
      LB is JBoss 3.2.4 RC1 with Tomcat 5.x

      All server are on the same machine using different PORT (NODE1 http port 8080, NODE2 http port 9080, LB http port 10080)

      I have changed the host url in jboss-service.xml to point at my NODE1 and NODE2

      <!-- The URL to use to connect the host. URLs like http://www.xx.yy:8080/ are also allowed -->
      <!-- The loadbalancer-factor -->


      So now when i try to connect at http://localhost:10080 the request is forward at http://localhost:8080 or http://localhost:9080 and this works fine, but the URL contains the redirected server/port..

      so a node died, the request will not redirect to the other node.

      On the server i can see this info message:

      [HttpMethodBase] Redirect requested but followRedirects is disabled

      but how configure followRedirects ?

      Thank You