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    Nearly There With HTTPSession Repl: One More Issue (Class Vi

    Nicholas Whitehead Novice

      After trying several different configurations, and a sample app that worked when the HttpSession contained only java.lang.Strings, I realized that the my app is not replicationg sessions across the cluster when it contains application specific classes, as oposed to java.lang.* classes. When I contrive a session to use Strings only, it works like a champ.

      The classes are loaded in WAR file, which in turn is in an EAR file, so I believe this may be a class visibility issue, where the clustered session and distributed state layer may not have access to the class type of the objects being bound into the session. However, I have run the app with org.jboss.web.tomcat.tc5.session and org.jboss.ha at TRACE logging and I am not seeing any errors.

      Has anyone seen this behaviour ?
      Any ideas ?