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    Hot-deploy failure with farming in cluster

    Wolf-Christian Herold Newbie

      I'm usong JBoss 3.2.3 on Linux 2.4.x JDK 1.4.2.

      I'm using two nodes in a cluster using autoDiscovery with multicast.
      For deployment I use farming, by copying the files to the farming directoryon node1.

      In some cases it's running without problems (especialy if I'm testing it for get more information about the errorr).

      But in many cases the file are deployed on node1 but are only deleted on node2. In most cases a touch on the files in farm/ on node1 redeploy the files and the second time they will be deployed also on node2.

      It looks like all files are deleted but not copied to the second node.

      Next it looks to me all files are deleted and then deployed.
      Is it true, that all files will be deleted together and than deployed again.
      It looks like an UNDEPLY and the a new DEPLOY.
      I thought there should be a hotdeploy which do not undeploy all files first .
      Just to be shure my running application is always online and reachable from client. If I undeploy the files, there might be a short time where the application is unavailable. On the local node I could see that all request will be served and each file will be redeployed each after the other.
      Running request are finished first before redploying the jars.

      Is this the same procedure on clustered nodes using farming?

      Thanks in advance

      This is my cluster.log when deploying succeed:
      2004-04-01 09:01:34,521 INFO [FarmMemberService] doUndeployment(), File: farm/5AdminBeans.jar
      2004-04-01 09:01:34,522 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmUndeployment(), removed file/var/jboss/server/cluster/farm/5AdminBeans.jar
      2004-04-01 09:01:34,579 INFO [FarmMemberService] doUndeployment(), File: farm/4app.sar
      2004-04-01 09:01:34,994 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmUndeployment(), removed file/var/jboss/server/cluster/farm/4app.sar
      2004-04-01 09:01:35,048 INFO [FarmMemberService] doUndeployment(), File: farm/4cc.sar
      2004-04-01 09:01:35,048 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmUndeployment(), removed file/var/jboss/server/cluster/farm/4cc.sar
      2004-04-01 09:01:35,478 INFO [FarmMemberService] doUndeployment(), File: farm/3Service.sar
      2004-04-01 09:01:35,479 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmUndeployment(), removed file/var/jboss/server/cluster/farm/3Service.sar
      2004-04-01 09:01:35,589 INFO [FarmMemberService] doUndeployment(), File: farm/3internals.sar
      2004-04-01 09:01:35,590 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmUndeployment(), removed file/var/jboss/server/cluster/farm/3internals.sar
      2004-04-01 09:01:35,649 INFO [FarmMemberService] doUndeployment(), File: farm/2common.sar
      2004-04-01 09:01:35,650 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmUndeployment(), removed file/var/jboss/server/cluster/farm/2common.sar
      2004-04-01 09:01:35,664 INFO [FarmMemberService] doUndeployment(), File: farm/1resources.jar
      2004-04-01 09:01:35,664 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmUndeployment(), removed file/var/jboss/server/cluster/farm/1resources.jar
      2004-04-01 09:01:35,676 INFO [FarmMemberService] doUndeployment(), File: farm/1ioobject.jar
      2004-04-01 09:01:35,677 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmUndeployment(), removed file/var/jboss/server/cluster/farm/1ioobject.jar
      2004-04-01 09:01:35,739 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmDeployment(), deploy locally: /var/jboss/server/cluster/tmp/1ioobject.jar
      2004-04-01 09:01:35,812 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmDeployment(), deploy locally: /var/jboss/server/cluster/tmp/1resources.jar
      2004-04-01 09:01:36,269 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmDeployment(), deploy locally: /var/jboss/server/cluster/tmp/2common.sar
      2004-04-01 09:01:46,129 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmDeployment(), deploy locally: /var/jboss/server/cluster/tmp/3internals.sar
      2004-04-01 09:01:50,870 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmDeployment(), deploy locally: /var/jboss/server/cluster/tmp/3Service.sar
      2004-04-01 09:01:54,054 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmDeployment(), deploy locally: /var/jboss/server/cluster/tmp/4cc.sar
      2004-04-01 09:01:56,311 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmDeployment(), deploy locally: /var/jboss/server/cluster/tmp/4app.sar
      2004-04-01 09:01:59,892 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmDeployment(), deploy locally: /var/jboss/server/cluster/tmp/5AdminBeans.jar

      In some cases only the first part is done
      farmUndeployment() .....

      and no files are deployed and all files in farm/ on nodes2 are deleted.