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    Message Driven Beans support in JBoss Clustering

    goutamp Newbie

      Can anyone reveal me the information regarding message driven bean support in JBoss Clustering?????

      Which version of JBoss supports JBoss Clustering+Message Driven Beans?

      I have searched through all the documentations i can, but couldn't find any documentation which has a support for MDB in JBoss Clustering ? Infact i have searched upto jboss-3.0.x version only.I couldn't find any further documentation.

      I have tried with JBoss-3.2.3. I tried to put it in a clustered environment with 3 nodes in my defined cluster, say xyz cluster. All nodes are getting recognized under that xyz cluster, but there are some exceptions arising saying that
      " File not found:Access denied......" - only when the other node of 'xyz cluster' is trying to be up, and this exception is coming on the node which is already up in the 'xyz cluster'.

      The message what i want to print from a Message Driven Bean is not getting printed.....

      Note: I defined my own queue and my own cluster partition and working with jboss-3.2.3 with "all" flavour on Win-2k.

      Can anyone suggest me on this topic???