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    mod_jk2, Jetty, Apache, Cookie issue

    jaffadan Newbie

      I am having problems clustering 2 jboss 3.2.3 + jetty servers using Apache + mod_jk2.

      I have the two jboss server working correctly in the cluster. (Drop a ear in the farm directory and it is farmed out to my other server)

      It seems that i have Apache + mod_jk2 configured correctly since i can take down either server and i still can hit my main page.

      But my problem lies in that when i look at the generated cookie it seems to be jboss/jetty server specific. Ie
      a0r2b4mlao6mg. and 1hlcjcubdihic. It seems as if the session is lost every page i hit as a new cookie is generated.

      Thank you for any help.