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    Farming out a SAR doesnt work

    ngais Newbie

      I just starting trying out the JBoss clustering capability. I was using a cluster of two nodes running the "all" configuration and I could see that they were talking to each other. Then the first thing I tried was the clustering-wide deployment of my app using the farming feature. When I put the SAR into the ./farm directory, it was properly detected and deployed (by SARDeployer) on the local JBoss instance. However, I didnt see it deployed on the second node.

      Reading the Clustering doc, I understand that it specifically says that only EAR, WAR, and JAR are "farmable" and something about system services arent at this point. I just want to confirm that the failure of my test is indeed the result of my app being a SAR and nothing else.

      FYI, my SAR contains a couple JARs, a WAR, and a jboss-service.xml file describing some MBeans.

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          ngais Newbie

          Hmmm, after doing some more testing in conjunction with the cluster-examples-service that come standard with the jboss configuration, I think the farming service did try to cluster deploy my SAR. However, it seemed to encounter problems (time-out?), and probably just gave up on my SAR without provided any details about the problem.

          My test scenarios:

          A cluster of two jboss nodes.
          The second node was launched after the first node completed its start-up sequence.
          The farmed packages were deployed to the first node before I launched it.
          The second node always had its farm directory cleaned before launch.
          The singleton example was enabled in cluster-examples-service.xml

          Test 1:
          Only cluster-examples-service.xml was deployed
          Both jboss instances started correctly. In particular, the second node got the singleton example from the first node and deploying it correctly (without invoking the startMethod)

          Test 2:
          Both the cluster-examples-service.xml and my SAR was copied to first node's farm directory
          The first node started correctly and it deployed both the singleton example and my SAR.
          However, when the second node was trying to cluster-deploy what was on the first node, it seemed to got stuck for a short time (probably trying to do something about my SAR). Then, it lost touch with the first node (became suspected) for a while before recovering. The net results were:
          - it didnt deploy my SAR
          - the singleton went thru some starting and stopping sequences (as a result of the temporary disconnect and subsequent recovery).

          See below for the jboss output on the second node:

          16:47:40,109 INFO [FarmMemberService] farmDeployment(), deploy locally: c:\lnEnv\jboss\server\all\tmp\cluster-examples-service.xml
          16:48:04,754 INFO [DefaultPartition] Suspected member: CICERO2G:1192 (additional data: 18 bytes)
          16:48:04,764 INFO [MainDeployer] Starting deployment of package: file:/c:/lnEnv/jboss/server/all/farm/cluster-examples-service.xml
          16:48:04,764 INFO [DefaultPartition] New cluster view (id: 14, delta: -1) : []
          16:48:04,774 INFO [DefaultPartition:ReplicantManager] Dead members: 1
          16:48:04,784 INFO [HAILServerILService] Notified to become singleton
          16:48:04,944 INFO [HASingletonMBeanExample] Notified to start as singleton
          16:48:04,944 INFO [HASingletonController] Started jboss.examples:service=HASingletonMBeanExample-HASingletonController
          16:48:05,005 INFO [MainDeployer] Deployed package: file:/c:/lnEnv/jboss/server/all/farm/cluster-examples-service.xml
          16:48:05,015 INFO [FarmMemberService] Started jboss:service=FarmMember,partition=DefaultPartition
          16:48:05,105 INFO [MainDeployer] Deployed package: file:/c:/lnEnv/jboss/server/all/deploy/deploy.last/
          16:48:05,125 INFO [URLDeploymentScanner] Started jboss.deployment:type=DeploymentScanner,flavor=URL
          16:48:05,395 INFO [MainDeployer] Deployed package: file:/c:/lnEnv/jboss/server/all/conf/jboss-service.xml
          16:48:05,395 INFO [Server] JBoss (MX MicroKernel) [3.2.3 (build: CVSTag=JBoss_3_2_3 date=200311301445)] Started in 1m:58s:941ms
          16:48:43,890 INFO [DefaultPartition] New cluster view: 15 ([,] delta: 1)
          16:48:43,890 INFO [DefaultPartition:ReplicantManager] Merging partitions...
          16:48:43,890 INFO [DefaultPartition:ReplicantManager] Dead members: 0
          16:48:43,890 INFO [DefaultPartition:ReplicantManager] Originating groups: [[CICERO2G:1192 (additional data: 18 bytes)|14] [CICERO2G:1192 (additional data: 18 bytes)], [unagi:1587 (additional data: 18 bytes)|14] [unagi:1587 (additional data: 18 bytes)]]
          16:48:43,961 INFO [DefaultPartition:ReplicantManager] Start merging members in DRM service...
          16:48:44,001 INFO [HASingletonMBeanExample] Notified to stop as singleton with argument: true
          16:48:44,001 INFO [HAILServerILService] Notified to stop acting as singleton.
          16:48:44,001 INFO [DefaultPartition:ReplicantManager] ..Finished merging members in DRM service