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    How to implement get/setDistributedState?

    timdrisdelle Newbie

      I've got a singleton mbean (extends HASingletonSupport), and I want to have some runtime-configurable parameters be shared across the cluster.

      If a parameter is changed on one of the nodes, I want it to be reflected across all of the nodes (...which is why I'm using singleton!).

      I read the Clustering doc, but I still can't figure out how I'm supposed to implement the getDistributedState and setDistributedState methods in my mbean.

      should I still have a private member variable in the mbean, with a getter and setter?

      or should there be no private member variable, and the getter/setter call the get/setDistributedState methods?

      And how should the get/setDistributedState methods work with the start/stopSingleton methods?

      Vexed in Victoria,