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    Cache invalidation throws EOFException

    Michael Roennau Newbie

      I am trying to perform cache invalidations between two nodes with BMP Entity Beans. Locally everything works fine, but on the second node a warning comes up:

      WARN [DefaultPartition] RpcProtocol.Handle(): java.io.EOFException

      and the is not invalidated.
      Does anybody have any idea about that behaviour?


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          Michael Roennau Newbie

          Ok, I found it myself.
          We used an own PK class with own write/readObject methods.
          Obviously this must not be. Without the writeObject / readObject method it works!

          Other things I learnt during testing:
          Invalidation works with BMP Entities and local interfaces! Unfortunately the just changed Entity is invalidated as well (although its new data is the reason for invalidation).

          Finally: this technique is a great relief for former self-built-cache programmers! Just use local interfaces, commit-option A and cache-invalidation set to true.

          BTW: JBoss offers so many container-configurations. Why not one for Standard BMPs with cache invalidation?