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    Clustering Shared Objects

    atait Newbie

      We have two applications running on the same Jboss instance (3.2.2). We will be splitting these off on to separate Jboss instances and physical servers soon. In general, these applications are stand-alone. However, there are a few shared EJBs such as "member". After the split both applications will continue to share the same database instance. So at this point, we need to implement a more sophisticated approach to managing the shared objects. I'm about to purchase the full Jboss documentation. I hope that this will help to evaluate using Jboss' clustering capabilities for this. I am also considering: "accessing the shared resources remotely from one app or the other" and "an optimistic locking approach". It seems that clustering, if it can be applied just to the shared parts of these applications, would be a reasonable approach. Can anyone provide guidance regarding clustering and our need to manage shared objects?

      Thanks in advance