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    HANamingService Auto-discovery Issue (GET_ADDRESS)

    surajit Newbie

      I have set up a JBoss 3.2.3 cluster with two Win2K boxes, each running one JBoss instance. My client application is running on a third Win2K box. I am trying to use the auto-discovery feature (provider_url = "") thereby forcing the client to discover the HANamingService using multicast.

      Upon testing, I see that the auto-discovery attempt by the client resolves incorrectly to IP All the three boxes are in the same subnet - so there is no router in between potentially blocking IGMP traffic.

      I have looked at JBoss code implementing auto-discovery on the client - org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContext. I see that the client sends an UDP request to the multicast IP with "GET_ADDRESS" as the data. As a response to this the client expects an UDP packet containing the "IP:PORT" at which a HANamingService is available.

      I have used a sniffer and checked out the data on the wire. I see that the GET_ADDRESS is sent, but after that, both the JBoss instances respond with and UDP packet containing "". Naturally, after this, the client fails to contact a naming service.

      While I know that the client can get the source IP for the datagram instead of relying on what comes in the UDP packet, that is apparently not the protocol. So, I think the problem is with the server. However, I do not see any config that I can do in cluster-service.xml that can solve this problem on the server end.

      Any help is deeply appreciated!

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