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    farming problem with trivial webapp

    guidog Newbie

      To test farming I have set up two JBoss 3.2.4RC1 instances on a single machine using the ServiceBindingManager and the "all" config. Both instances start up fine and are seeing each other. When I now dump a simple .war into lb1/farm/ the webapp is being deployed and available on the node where I put the .war in _and_ it's being copied over and deployed to the second node's lb2/tmp/ dir. And the logs read:
      [FarmMemberService] farmDeployment(), deploy localy /lb2/farm/webapp.

      Nevertheless I can't access the the
      webapp under say http://localhost:<lb2's_port>/simple/webapp.
      When trying to access it the logs say:
      [HandlerRequest] Error registering request

      On the other hand when I copy the webapp by hand into lb2/deploy/ the webapp is available under the above URL (the problem is symmetric, you can happily exchange lb1 & lb2 in the above scenario).
      Any hints whats wrong?
      -- Guido