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    JMS on cluster against one Oracle instance

    Bruce Ashton Newbie

      This isn't a problem so much as a question; I am running JBoss against Oracle and trying to remove all dependencies on Hypersonic. To this end I have made the following changes:

      Replaced deploy/jms/hsqldb-jdbc2-service.xml with docs/examples/jms/oracle-jdbc2-service.xml

      Replaced deploy/hsqldb-ds.xml with docs/examples/jca/oracle-ds.xml

      Changed conf/standardjaws.xml:
      - Set the datasource to java:/OracleDS
      - Set type-mapping for java:/OracleDS to Oracle8

      Changed conf/standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml:
      - Set the defaults datasource to java:/OracleDS
      - Set datasource-mapping for java:/OracleDS to Oracle9i

      This seems to have worked well for one instance. The tables jms_messages and jms_transactions have turned up in the database. My question though is can I run more than one instance of cluster against the same database? Or will there be issues with concurrent access?