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    ClusterPartition's view members intermittently contain unexp

    asaunders Newbie

      I'm running JBoss3.2.3 on Redhat 9. My config contains 3 clustered nodes on the same machine. At startup the nodes appear in the ClusterPartition MBean's View attribute containing each node's ID where the ID's are the URLs of the JNDI providers of the nodes - each node has a JNDI provier. This is what I expect to see, e.g. View = [,,]

      Intermittently the node ID of one or more of the nodes appear in the View of another node with a URL which is not the JNDI provider of the node. This happens despite the fact that all JNDI providers continue to run. There's nothing obvious in the logs other than the server reporting a membership change notification (although no servers have been stopped/started). So the view on one node will appear to be sometheing like [,,], where the 1299 node has been replaced. However, the ClusterPartition MBean of the 1299 node still shows its NodeName attribute as and it's View is [,,]

      Once in this state it requires a restart of one or more of the nodes to rectify the situation.

      Has anyone seen this problem and/or can suggest a solution?