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    Failover and Hot Deployment cause servlet 500 error

    David Jones Newbie

      Hi, I'm running JBoss 3.2.3 in a cluster of 2 (on the same m/c for testing) and using JK2 with the load blancing module for failover in Apache 2.

      Load balancing works fine. Failover does not.

      When I hot deploy a new version of my war (which runs in the root context in tomcat), JK2 continues to contact tomcat while it is redeploying, rather than another node in the cluster. This results in a 500 No Context error from tomcat. I was expecting tomcat to communicate that it's down to JK2 and allow JK2 to failover to the other node.

      A similar thing happends if I take a server down for maintenance. Requests made after the shutdown request but before the shutdown is complete result in a 500 No Context Configured error from tomcat.

      Is there something I can configure in tomcat, JBoss or JK2 that will cause failover to occurr neatly (on any 500 error), without an unpleasant user experience?

      I can post my config files if they're of any use.