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    Schizo Server

    wagemono Newbie

      We're using 3.2.3. Sometime when we shutdown one of our clustered servers and then bring it back up. It suffers from what we refer to as paranoid server syndrome. It suspects another version of itself of being in the cluster. The other members in the cluster also begin this loop too, they never seem to tire of trying to find the alternate personality of the restarted server. All report

      2004-07-08 21:38:02,620 INFO [org.jboss.ha.framework.interfaces.HAPartition.TestPartition] Suspected member: 2**.8*.1**.85:37983 (additional data:
      18 bytes)

      So a cluster of 3, thinks it's a cluster of 4.

      Any ideas, any budding psychiatrists?

      David Townsend