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    Registering Beans deployed on all servers to a single JNDI i

    Pankil Shah Newbie

      Hi all,
      I am stuck with a problem. I want that there should be only one JNDI in the network and all the clients using the services of any beans gets the reference of any bean from the same JNDI. I want that whatever may be the situation even if i deploy the bean on some other server with different IPAddress it should be transparent to the clients as they will get the new reference from the JNDI which is already running and the actual server on the bean is running does not matter to the client.
      Thanx in advance.

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          Scott Stark Master

          Then create an external jndi context that binds the root of the sole jndi server and have all reference bound into it. The existence of the different servers will not be transparent to the client from a connection standpoint, only where they do the initial lookup. The HAJNDI server gives this behavior for free.

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            Pankil Shah Newbie

            Hi scott,
            I am a new on JBoss. Does this mean that i have to make a cluter of all the JBoss servers having the beans and give the IPAddress of any one, so that a failover or redeployment of beans in another JBoss server gets reflected in the JNDI. Is there a single JNDI service running in the cluster? Because as per my knowledge even in a cluster the JMSProvider for each server runs seperately(as in JBoss 3.2.3) so i am not quite sure about JNDI service behaviour running in clustered environment. Thanx for ur reply.