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    Is having HAJNDI and JGroups on the same mcast port possible

    David Budworth Newbie

      Howdy folks,

      In my effort to upgrade from 3.2.3 -> 3.2.5 I've found that I must change the mcast port for jgroups (to avoid the warnings about multiple partitions with the same ip/port)

      That said, I've decided to dump the custom partition name since there's already a forced unique identifier (port).

      Since the partition is back to "DefaultPartition", I must change both HAJNDI's discovery port as well as JGroups mcast_port. (we run 10ish clusters in a local subnet)

      My jboss launcher script modifies cluster-service.xml and sets HAJNDI's discovery port to 1111, and it also sets JGroups to the same 1111 port

      Every time I do an auto-discovery, I get an WARN from jgroups saying that it detected a different version (GET_). So it's seeing the HAJNDI discovery that my client issues.

      JGroups is mcast bound to: / 1111
      HAJNDI is mcast bound to: / 1111

      Is there any reason why JGroups is seeing the HAJNDI discovery message?

      I can change my script to use offset ports for each, I was just trying to avoid that if at all possible.
      Poking around in the code, it seems as though everyone is doing the RightThing(tm). Maybe it's a jdk/os combo bug?

      OS: Gentoo linux 2.6.7-r8 kernel
      Java: 1.4.2-05 (with -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true to avoid ipv6 nastiness)
      JBoss 3.2.5: (tried both with wonky jgroups.jar (2.2.4) and clean build of 2.2.5 jgroups-core.jar)