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    First time using clustering -- how to start, what to conside

    James Adams Novice

      I have written an application which I will now need to run in a clustered environment. I know that now is the wrong time to be considering this, but since the application is fairly simple I am hoping that it won't need too much modification to enable it to run in a clustered environment. I am running JBoss 3.2.4.

      There is only one component in my application which is not stateless and which might be a challenge to spread across to all servers in a cluster -- a singleton which is used by EJBs and Servlets to maintain lists of user messages (one list per user). What I have thought to do is to make this component a Stateful Session Bean in order to make it easier to replicate across servers. Will this make my life easier or am I going down the wrong path ?

      Are there any good getting started docs or tutorials for simple clustering available online ?

      Any feedback or general tips for a first time developer for clustering will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.