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    Problems with jms-tobic in cluster (ConnectionFactory not bo

    berndit Newbie

      I have problems with creating a JMS-Topic in a clustered JBoss. The ConnectionFactory is only bound to the JNDI-Tree in one JBoss node (I think, that is correct ?!).

      So I must search the ConnectionFactory for my JMS-Topic by HAJNDI (right?). How can I achive this? My Topic is the following:

       <!-- the KODO distributed cache Topic -->
       <mbean code="org.jboss.mq.server.jmx.Topic"
       <depends optional-attribute-name="DestinationManager">jboss.mq:service=DestinationManager</depends>

      I have the Topic configured on every node (in the jboss-mq-destination-services.xml), is that right?

      Thanks for your hints (sorry, I am a newbe to clustering JBoss)!