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    Start all nodes? And other questions

    dschneller Newbie

      I want to run my Java-App in a JBoss-Clustered-Enviroment. And have many questions.

      1. My workers2.properties for mod_jk2 is created
      2. LoadModule jk2_module modules/mod_jk2.so is added to httpd.conf from Apache
      3. true is added to jboss.xml
      4. My EAR I've copied in to the farm folder

      Must I do anything else?

      Now I start JBoss with run -c all --host myHostName

      It startes without problems. But must I start the other nodes too, or is this enough?

      In my workers2.properties I have 2 Channels server1 and server2. Are these my 2 Cluster-Nodes? Must I start those seperatly? If I do that with run -c all --host server1 I get an java.net.UnknownHostException: server1: server1

      What must I do now, if I want to run my App?

      Who can help please?

      Thanks dschneller.