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    PartitionName and lookup

    rchamarthy Newbie


      I have started using JBoss Clustering from 3.2.3 and moved onto 3.2.5, due to the limitations in regard to MDB clustering in 3.2.3

      Well, there are couple of questions, I would like to ask.

      1. Is there any procedure for chaing the PartitionName from DefaultPartition to someother name, say PartitionA.

      I'd a hard-core way of changing the 'DefaultParition' wherever it is found in the files under "all" server. But when I start the server, I get some tons of exceptions related to the file "deploy-hasingleton-service.xml".

      Is there a better way to change the ParitionName?

      2. Suppose that there are, say, 3 systems (A, B, C) in the partition. And the client, say EJB client, is residing in some other system(D).

      Is it that client should always use "A:1100,B:1100,C:1100" as the JNDI URL string for lookup?

      What happens if a new System, say E, is added to the partition? Do I need to change the lookup url?

      Why cannot we lookup using the Parition Name, as my understanding goes, a PartitionName is definetly a unique name in the network.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Ravi Chamarthy,