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    Jboss Clustering :: Session Replication Issue

    Nilesh P Newbie

      We are using JBoss 3.2.3 and we are trying to use clustering feature.
      We are using apache + mod JK2 for load balancing.
      We have set up Jboss on 2 windows NT servers in local lan.
      We have not configured Jboss for sticky session.

      We found some issue while testing session replication,

      1. Start server1 (all mode)
      2. Add few values to session using sample application.
      3. Now start server2 (all mode)
      4. Add few more values to existing session.
      We observed that after server2 was started the session state of server1 was successfully replicated on server2.
      We could say this because when pages were served from server2, it showed all the values that were added to server1 session.
      Thus replication is happening whenever subsquent server starts up.

      Case2: (Continuing from above case)
      1. After case1, both servers are up and running.
      2. Continue adding values to session. Request can get delegated to either server1 or server2 based on apache.
      We observed that whenever pages were served from server1, only the values present in session of server1 were displayed.
      And whenever pages were served from server2, the values present in session of server2 were displayed.
      Thus replication is not happening when both servers are simultaneously running.

      One observation is that whenever server2 starts following is seen in the logs,
      DRM service: Finished merging.................
      But this is never seen when both servers are up and running.

      Is it that we have missed any configuration? or can you give us some pointers for the above problem.