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    How(when) detects the cluster the dead members?

    sebi presecan Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I´m using JBOSS 3.2.5.

      Let´s consider the following scenario:
      - start Node A and Node B in the same scenarion
      - check the DefaultPartion MBean to see how many memebers are in the partition -- 2 .. A & B

      -- unplug the network cable for node B
      -- check the DefaultPartition -- 2 nodes A & B ... on both machine

      -- is this normal??

      - plug back the cable ... imediatlly in both console I´m able to see a message that said that right now no dead member is identified, but before this it also said that 1 dead member is identified ...
      So we finds out that was a dead member only when i put the cable back?
      Is this normal??

      Maybe I did not configured something correctlly. I look in the cluster documentation and I used for cluster configuration what is recommended there ...

      I want to mention that stopping the node B signals the node A that it is down but unpluging the cable does not do this ....

      Have someone any idea about this?

      Any help is welcome