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    How failover after undeploy

    david klimek Newbie

      i'm stuck with following cluster failover issue for couple of days, please help. Any idea or comment will be great.

      - I have 2 jboss node cluster with two web applications (app1.war, app2.war).
      - I am using Apache/Mod_jk to loadbalance request among nodes(Tomcat/JBoss) for both aplications
      - When both war archives are deployed on both nodes everything works fine

      - When I undeploy app1.war on one node, tomcat starts returing 404 error response when user requests app1.war service.
      - mod_jk failover detects node or containter failure but does not detect 404 as error
      - as result user see 404 error for every second request but this is inacceptable and I need configure system in way that will after undeploy redirects all request to second node

      - I can not shutdown whole container or node because app2.war must run on both nodes
      - I can use only free loadbalancer

      Have you got any idea how to configure jboss, tomcat or mod_jk to achieve expected behavior, eg have single ajp3 connector or tomcat for each web application etc.