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    Domain creation

    Jayakrishna Banduchode Newbie

      Hello Everybody,

      Can some body help me out in creating domains in Jboss, like we have in weblogic.

      Thanks in Advance


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          wong sc Newbie

          The question and my reply may be out of jboss clustering scope.

          There is no domain concept at JBoss.

          I think JBoss should be in the progress of making some GUI like
          weblogic's Configuration wizard, Admin Console to entertain their

          Weblogic cluster could be managed by Admin console, Node manager, and SNMP monitoring tools..etc. These stuffs should not be difficult. And I think JBoss could develop some interface to make JBoss Cluster monitored and managed easily.

          Weblogc portal is complex product. JBoss Nuke is still babie stuff. This area kills man power much. I don't believe JBoss could turn it to be really useful in currently 1-2 core developer efforts. I think JBoss should focus to develop strong Security and Profile module, instead of developing useless plugin , struggling even easy layout manager..etc.

          Weblogic Integration is not selling well. JBoss should study more before expanding to the "noisy" integration stream.