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    farming and clustering not working

    jmer Newbie

      Hi list;
      Im trying to set up HTTP session replication as Load Balace scheme for our application, clustering and farming on two linux box using jboss3.2.3 and jdk1.4.0. From the payed PDF file its very straigth forward to setup HTTP session replication and but i lacks content on the Farming Section. From what i undestand when you run jboss "run -c all" clustering and farming are enabled by default. I started both node1 & 2 without touching anything on the "all" config file. When i try to deploy an ear file on the {JBOSS_HOME}/server/all/deploy on node1 it does get farm on node2? Reading form the previous posting files to be farmed must be deployed on /farm folder. ANd tried to put the file on {JBOSS_HOME}/server/all/farm, but same thing happened. Did i miss anything? or should jboss supposedly create a /farm folder inside /deploy directory cause mine does'nt?...any help would be appreciated.