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    cache invalidation on a cluster

    Erkan Kor Newbie


      I have a Cluster and I want to use the CMPCacheInvalidation Framework to invalidate EJB entity instances on all nodes.
      If I call the flush() method on the MBean (jboss.j2ee:jndiName=TestEntityBean,plugin=cache,service=EJB) it only flushes the local cache.
      The other nodes have still the same cache content.

      The MBean (jboss.cache:GroupName=MY_IG,service=InvalidationGroup) has only methods to invalidate an appropriate entity instance
      or you can invalidate a group of entity instances. But there is no way to invalidate all instances.

      Has somebody an idea or an advice to solve that problem. I don't want to call the flush() method on all nodes.