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    Problem, nodes doesn't register eachother

    Andreas Rehn Newbie


      We've been working with jboss for over a year now but mostly in development. Now the time has come to set up a robust production site with jboss clustering.

      I've read the documentation around clustering, and seached all forums but still haven't found an answer to my problem wich is that the nodes doesn't register eachother in the cluster.

      I'm running 2 RedHat Enterprise machines with Jboss 3.2.3, and trying to get them clustered.

      * I enabled multicast on the machines.
      * I downloaded and run tha JavaGroups Multicast test app and both machines can both receive and send multicast packages on the default jboss address and port,
      * I start jboss with the -c all flag.

      Both jboss nodes goes up but doesn'l register eachother:

      GMS: address is sehan457wwmar:32786 (additional data: 14 bytes)
      17:27:05,504 INFO [ClusterPartition] Starting channel
      17:27:05,504 INFO [DefaultPartition] Number of cluster members: 1
      17:27:05,505 INFO [DefaultPartition] Other members: 0

      Have I missed someting? Does anybody have any idéas that might help me, I'm all out.

      Any advice is apriciated!


      Andreas Rehn