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    Cluster problem without exception

    Horvath Deyso Newbie

      Hi All!

      I run 2 Jboss server on two machines that have the same operation system (redhat 9), same java (j2sdk2004beta), and the same jboss 3.2.3.
      They are in the same LAN, 192.168.70.n and n+1. My problem is: If I start the all config for both they can't see each other.
      Ipv6 is not in kernel.
      Multicast is part of kernel.
      None of them drops exception, they simply do not see each other. Or at least I think they can't, because, there is no message on neither machine.
      I ran this before on windows machines and it worked there and I saw a message telling me after startup that there is other Jboss running. They are in the same (default) partition!

      Thank you for your help in advance!