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    dataScroller question (IT WORKS GREAT!!)

    roy kachouh Newbie

      First let me just say, I got the dataScroller to work...and I LOVE IT!!!! It saves me so much work in terms of pagination, and it's ajax to top it all off!!

      Awesome JOB guys!

      One question tho...

      I was going thru the TLD, and I can't seem to find a way to get at some of the data statistics. For example, I want to have the ability to display to the user what page he/she is currently on. For example, if I am showing 10 results per page and I am on page 3...I want to display a header to the user, stating "viewing results 31 - 40" or something like that. I saw the scrollerListener attribute, but that did nothing. Any suggestions?