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    Nodes with different mcast_addr joining together on Linux bu

    Patrick Jaromin Newbie

      We've been running 3.2.5 with clustering on solaris 8 successfully for 6 mos. now. I've recently purchased two new RHEL3 linux servers to replace our aging Sun Hardware and started by installing two jboss instances on each server. We use different muticast_addr settings to differentiate our various jboss clusters as this allows us to keep identical config files on each node of the cluster.

      On Solaris, only nodes with identical mcast_addr settings "find" each other. On Linux, however, two instances with different addresses on the same server inevitably join together in the cluster.

      I've downloaded JGroups 2.2.5 and run the test programs (MCastRecieverTest/MCastSenderTest) and all works perfectly and as expected -- that is different -mcast_addr args (same and different physical systems) result in the sender NOT communicating with the receiver, while using the same mcast address works just fine.

      The jboss configuration files were checked straight out of CVS and are 100% identical to the long-running instances on our Solaris boxes...so the only difference is the OS and the JVM (both Sun JSDK 1.4.2 - but Linux dist vs. Solaris dist obviously).

      Why would two JBoss instances on the same server with different mcast addresses cluster together under Linux but (properly) NOT cluster under Solaris?

      Any ideas?