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    Specify which nodes cannot be master for HASingleton?

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      In porting our current architechture to JBoss 4.0 using clustering there were quite a few Services we had that were caching state. We know that ultimately we need to use something like JBossCache or Entities (or both) to do this properly. But in the meantime we are just making the existing services HASingletons.

      The only problem is we end up with 1 master node that is running most of our application. What we want to do is define (in a deployment descriptor preferably) that certian HASingletons NEVER share the same master node(for example JMS and our custom and very demanding Security Singleton). Or at the very least never share the same master if a more suitable node is available to host the HASingleton.

      Is there anything that exists now in JBoss that we could use to accomplish this? The Clustering docs and the wiki do a good job talking about HASingletons and how to get them going but don't really mention anything like this.

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          A sub partition seemed like the best route but according to the latest for pay docs say on page 23

          "Although JBoss does not currently support sub-partitioning, it will soon, so let?s discuss it here."

          For the heck of it I tried defining a sub partition and it almost seemed to work. Bootup was fine and I even saw my sub partition come online But chunky badness occured at run time because my HASingletons that were specified for the subpartion never seemed to get deployed.