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    one jboss cant "see" othe jboss how can i force to make clus

    shlomi mafuda Newbie

      i run jboss 3.2.6 in one solaris the IP is XXX.XXX.XXX.60 and in another solaris with the same IP but 61 in the end.
      when i run the jbosses they not recognize etch other.
      when i run another jboss he recognize the solaris with the IP xxx.xxx.xxx.61
      but not the 60.
      the recognize is by error:
      11:49:30,249 ERROR [GMS] [eims04fc:40699 (additional data: 15 bytes)] received view <= current view; discarding it (current vid: [ei
      ms04fc:40699 (additional data: 15 bytes)|1], new vid: [eims04fc:40699 (additional data: 15 bytes)|1])

      how can i force to make grouping in the loading?

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          venkat krishna ponnam Newbie


          I am also facing the same problem as specified by you.Did you get any solution for this?

          Is it any configuration or network problem?

          Anybody in JBoss, pls respond...

          1.What are the cases, when jboss instances (configured to run in clustered mode) running on two servers don't recognize each other.

          2. I got this messages, when i am running the jboss 3.2.6 instances with all option on two sun solaris servers:

          13:52:28,706 WARN [NAKACK] [WEBSRV2:32900] discarded message from non-member WEBSRV1:33040
          13:52:28,709 INFO [TreeCache] viewAccepted(): new members: [WEBSRV1:33040, WEBSRV2:32900]
          13:52:28,795 ERROR [GMS] [WEBSRV2:32897 (additional data: 18 bytes)] received view <= current view; discarding it (current vid: [WEBSRV1:33037 (additional data: 18 bytes)|1], new vid: [WEBSRV1:33037 (additional data: 18 bytes)|1])

          what is the cause for this message.Please respond.

          Thanks in advance.