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    cluster farm undeploy deploy sometimes successfull sometimes



      using all configuration
      2 nodes
      performing undeploy + deploy to all/farm directory of first jboss, I look at the log of the other jboss and i see undeploy, but i didnt see deploy relevant logs....and then...

      performing another couple of times undeploy and deploy (manually deleting and copying the file or with ANT) different things happen, sometimes its successfully undeploying + deploy in the second machine and sometimes not...

      Is this a farming bug or am I doing something wrong?


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          Jason Cunningham Newbie


          I'm getting exactly the same thing, but with 3 nodes...

          I'm using the standard config, but with the relevant parts of the 'all' config copied in. Sometimes (about 1 in 5) it works like a dream. Most of the time however, the new ear successfully deploys on the 'origin' node (ie. the one upon which the new ear file was placed), but fails on the other nodes. The old ear is always undeployed.

          I'm using Jboss version 3.2.6.

          Is this a configuration thing I need to tweak somewhere?