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    State replication of Stateful session bean

    Aravind Kumar Newbie


      Is there a way to prevent state replication of stateful session bean?

      App serv: JBoss 4.0

      The main reason being the size of the state. (huge chunk of data is split into packets and sent sequentially to the stateful session bean)

      We need high availability of the bean but fail-over is not of much concern to us.

      the mean code in the cluster-service.xml:

      <!-- Name of the partition to which the service is linked -->
      <!-- JNDI name under which the service is bound -->
      <!-- Max delay before cleaning unreclaimed state.
      Defaults to 30*60*1000 => 30 minutes -->

      Do i have to do anything with this?(like setting the partition size to 1 may be)