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    24h-sessions in clustered environnement timeout in 15~30 min

    Olivier Martin Newbie


      i have two jboss-3.2.6-tomcat-5.0.28 running on two debian serveur (2.4) with a SUN JVM 1.4

      i have setup successfully a cluster (ASYNC, ATTRIBUTE, SET_AND_NON_PRIMITIVE_GET) using jbosscache tree.
      the replication runs well but my session timeout out to early, about 20 minutes, and i want it to exist 24 hours.

      i have setup the timeout int web.xml
      but sesssion still time out at a random amount of minutes from 15 to 30m.

      i test to change the value to 86400 as some forums says that the session is setup in seconds.

      i try to change the default session timeout in tomcat with no success.

      i test the session on one server removing the clustering config and my session didn't expired. So that why i post this problem on this forum

      finally i have look at the code and it seems that the JBossCacheManager call isValid() on each clustered session to process expired sessions. with log4j i can trace that my session are expired. isValid() method seems to be coded in a tomcat class (ClusteredSession extends StandardSession, a tomcat object) and i can't find what cause this session to expired...

      Anny idea? is there something to configure in jbosscache that could mark the session has expired?

      Help from jboss team will be very appreciate :)