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    Long-running transactions rusult in client death

    Kris Kristensen Newbie


      We are currently testing JBoss 4.0.1 with clustering, and so far we only have one issue left; long-running transactions.

      It is not an option to avoid long-running transactions in our set-up unfortunately. All the long-running transactions runs in batch-mode, and some of them are really long! 5+ minutes at least.

      Enough of the blabla talk, and on with the actual problem.

      2 (some intstallations 4)*Linux RH Enterprise
      JBoss 4.0.1
      <a lot of other stuff like Apache, load directors, firewalls etc..)>

      Client comnnect: HAJNDI:1100

      Suppose we have the 2*node setup
      Server A
      Server B

      Client connects to cluster -----> Server A wins
      Server A:
      - starts to run the batch
      - Breaks down
      Server B:
      - Get the request from cluster ----> restarts the batch
      - Server A is restarted ---> part of the cluster
      - Server B breaks down
      And now----> client fails! ---> must restart batch from client
      This only happens with long-running tx.

      So it looks like the servers in the cluster are chained in a linked-list sort of way, and not a circular list.

      Is it possible to solve this issue by tweaking some configs, or must the client be re-written to accept such behaviour from Jboss, even if JBoss runs in clustered mode?

      One obvious solution would be add more nodes to the 2*nodes configuration, but that is not entirely up to us unfortunately...