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    Web-service and clustering

    Kris Kristensen Newbie

      JBoss 4.0.1
      2*WinXP sp. 2 test setup

      I have a problem with fail-over using a web-service. I have created a web-service as a facade for a stateless session bean. I works like a charm except for fail-over. I have not included a web.xml in my deployment. Not for any particular reason. I just have not and it is not mandatory.
      Should I include a web.xml with the

      <distributable />
      placeholder in my deployment in order to make fail-over work?

      I have tried the approach enabling the:
      <Valve className="org.jboss.web.tomcat.tc5.sso.ClusteredSingleSignOn"
      in <JBOSS_HOME>/server/all/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat50.sar/server.xml but that does not provide any fail-over.
      I can see the following in the log file after enabling the above statement:
      [TreeCacheSSOClusterManager] Cannot find TreeCache using jboss.cache:service=TomcatClusteringCache -- treeCacheName must be set to TreeCache before ClusteredSingleSignOn can handle requests

      ...and shortly after:
      [Tomcat5] Setting the cache name to jboss.cache:service=TomcatClusteringCache on jboss.web:host=localhost,name=ClusteredSingleSignOn,type=Valve

      Any ideas?


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          Hari Velappan Newbie

          JBOSS by itseld does'nt do any loadbalancing on HTTP Requests( Web Services are XML over HTTP) . Jboss comes with built-in-tomcat (catalina container) It provides faciltity to propogate session details to various tomcat instances. If you want HTTP loadbalancing; you should front end the jboss instances with an open source WebServer like Apache or use a H/W load balancer.

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            Kris Kristensen Newbie

            Hi There and thank you for your answer.
            I know that JBoss doesn't provide any load-balancing over HTTP, but I'm not interested in load-balancing per se. What I would like to have is fail-over on my web-service. So if 100% of the workload is done by Server A and server A breaks down, 100% of the workload should go to the next node in the cluster. This is not what I understand by load-balancing, but I could be wrong?


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              Hari Velappan Newbie

              So you need just fail over. Even in that case you have to front end the jboss instances with H/W load balancer or a s/W balancer like Apache WebServer which will do load balancing and fail over.