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    Clustering : assistance to find the solution

    christophe christophe Newbie


      Currently I try to implement my own framework based on JBoss because
      I want to provide an easy environnemnt for the application developpers.

      The framework will have to perform HTTP request sent by different VoiceXML Browsers. Unlike classic web architecture one client can begin a vocal session on a VoiceXML Brower 'A' and after telephony operations he can continue on another VoiceXML Brower 'B'. A VoiceXML browser is like a HTML Browser, it sends HTTP requests to web server and receive VoiceXML pages. I want to implement a client context replication, but I can't save directly in the client context in the HTTP Session and use the HTTP Session replication mechanism because the customer can use VoiceXML Browser 'A' and/or VoiceXML Brower 'B'.
      In this case there are much more HTTP Sessions for one client.
      I thought use clustering Stateful Session Bean as context object.
      In this case the node will replicate the state of SFSB on the other node.
      It makes good with heavy client ( java stub), but in my case there are 2 VoiceXML Browsers.
      I didn't find the good solution to replicate client context.
      If someone has a solution for my problem : 2 JBoss servers and 2 VoiceXML Browsers.