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    Clustering vs. simple load-balancing when no SFSB and no HTT

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      I wish to load-balance my application on 2 JBoss nodes. This application use :
      - some stateless sessions-beans
      - NO statefull sessions-beans
      - somes entities bean, with default commit mode (B)

      I know I can do it with a clustered configuration BUT I' like to know if it'is also possible without clustering my application, just with mod_jk load-balancing :
      - I've got an apache server in front of my JBoss servers, mod_jk connect to JBoss/Tomcat
      - I use sticky HTTP sessions and don't need HTTP sessions replications

      => So, is it possible to run 2 JBoss instances, with same database, without clustering them?
      => Except HTTP sessions-replication, what are advantages of clustering in such a configuration?

      My configuration :
      - Apache 2.0 with mod_jk
      - JBoss 3.2.7
      - Oracle 9i
      - Linux Debian Woody

      Thanks in advance for responses.