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    HTTP session replication stops working

    Dirk Müller Newbie

      We set up a cluster of 2 JBoss/Tomcat (4.0.1) nodes using both EJB and HTTP session clustering (replication). Although in most cases the HTTP session replication works fine (you can access servlets on both nodes with the same session id :-)) after some time, say 1 minute up to 1 day, the session is unknown to the node it wasn't created on (no matter which node created it). If this happens the HTTP session replication completely fails for further requests. The only solution is to restart both nodes (both must be down simultaneously). We do not get any exceptions indicating an error, only the "java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: commit() should not be called on TreeCache directly " which shouldn't cause any problems and is thrown even if the replication works.
      The session simply isn't available on the other node, like they were out of sync.
      Anyone out there who has a clue what might cause this problem?
      Thanks in advance & best regards,