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    How can I configure a gobal JNDI service for a cluster of JB

    Soumya Simanta Newbie


      Here is what we are trying to do. We are planning to
      use active replication (we cannot use the pre-build failover and replication mechanism of JBoss.)

      For examples we have three
      replicas : JBoss_A and JBoss_B and JBoss_C (all
      running on diff. physical machines.) Each one of them
      have the same EJBs deployed on them.

      Now we want to run a JNDI Naming Service on another
      physical machine (JBoss_JNDI). Our clients will
      essentially talk to JBoss_JNDI to get the references
      to the EJBs. We assume that any of the JBoss_<A,B,C>
      can fail but JBoss_JNDI cannot. And as far as I know
      all the EJBs have to register with the JBoss_JNDI when
      they come up (first time or after recovery.)

      I hope I made this clear enough. Please do let me know
      if you think there is a better way to do this in

      (PS: Please do reply to my id in case you have more questions soumya_sd@yahoo.com)