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    Basic clustering/load balancing question

    kiran222 Newbie

      I need to run a 2 node JBoss cluster with the following requirements:

      1) Both the nodes will have a Queue with same name. Lets say the name as "Purchase Queue"
      2) From a client, when I lookup "Purchase Queue", the system should return a Queue from any one of the two nodes in a Round-Robin fashion. Doesn't matter if it is Round Robin or some other load balancing mechanism.
      3) If the client is sending a message to the Queue on Node 1, and the Node 1 happens to crash, the client should (fail-over) send the same message to Node 2.

      The simple question is:
      Which version of JBoss supports both #2 and #3 requirements? I am so confused going over various Forums that one supports one feature and the other does not.

      If there is one topic that discussed these already, a pointer to that is highly appreciated.

      I am a fan of open-source solutions. Unfortunately, our team is already looking into other commercial solutions since we could not get any definitive answer with JBoss.

      Have fun!