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    HTTP Session Clustering--HttpSessionBindingListener valueUnb

    venkat krishna ponnam Newbie


      I have setup two JBoss 3.2.7 Application Servers in clustering mode on Sun Solaris and i am using basic HTTP Session Clustering.

      I have a implemented a myClass, whcih implements HttpSessionBindingListener interface and want to carry out certain operations in valueUnbound method, when session time out happens.

      The valueBound method is getting called, when the instance of myClass is put in HTTPSession.The valueUnbound method is also getting called,when i am invalidating the session using session.invalidate().

      But the problem is the valueUnbound is not getting called, when the session expires.Is this happening due to clustering? Any configuration need to be carried out for this?

      Anybody has faced this? please reply.

      Thanks in advance,