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    Clustering Confusion

    tek no Novice

      After reading what I coulkd find on jboss clustering I am still apprehensive about ceratin details involving clusterin message driven beans.

      Our situation is that we have a jboss 4.01 cluster on windows 2003 server. We have a layer of tomcat instances with load balancing that call stateless session beans on jboss cluster. We want to migrate this to an architecture that has a layer of clustered jms queue/topics and a layer of clustered mdbs.

      1. Is this possible or am I mad.
      2. The docs give me the impression that mdb clustering is not implemented in jboss. If so, what do I do? Can I create my own HA-MDB Singleton and deploy in on the mdb cluster?
      3. We are currently considering using Queues to push messages to the mdbs. Would it be better if the mdbs subscribed to topics instead?
      4. Anything else I might have missed.

      Sorry if some of the above sounds dumb, I am quite new to this.